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45 Responses to Front

  1. niona says:

    dewd~! thankyu so much for posting this!!!! >.<

  2. Doktor says:

    Thank you very much for translating and posting this! I was saddened to see that it wasn’t published in English, but I’m very happy to see that someone has taken it on of their own accord.

  3. don says:

    please give us therest of this sagawa flesh eating saga, Renee sounds likea nice gal,,any pics of her? benice to see what see lookd like beforethat jerk butchered her

  4. acertuba2010 says:

    ahhhhhhh i really hate u issei u should be hanged to death in paris

  5. Casey says:

    Where was this book published and who published it? I need to cite it.

  6. Alicia says:

    This is amazing thank you for doing this!

  7. Vince says:

    I have been looking for ” Kiri no Naka” for a long time only to find out that it was in japanese are my hero for translating this..i know you didnt do it to be someones hero but thank you alot anyways:D

  8. austen says:

    I cannot wait for more, excited to read the whole thing thank you!

  9. Valeron2 says:

    When it will be translated the entire book?

  10. Kai says:

    SICK as hell! And this dude runs around in japan ? As a free man ??? How the devil is this possible ? And made and still makes money out of this ??? Thank you for sharing your work but somehow I feel ashamed as well reading this…

  11. jennifer says:

    Hi I’ve been researching about Sagawa and i found he wrote some other books and he has acted in some movies as well but it’s difficult (not to say impossible) to find them… do you have any of those apart from “in the fog”?
    Thank you very much.

    • Eyeless in Ginza says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I just did a quick Japanese Amazon search and came up with a few titles (all in Japanese). One is called “Gouka” (業火), which means hellfire or brimstone, another has the added English title “Paris Cannibal Massacre,” yet another is called “Kyouki ni Arazu” (狂気にあらず!?), which I’m guessing means “Far from Insane,” and has the subtitle “Paris Human Flesh Incident,” and another is called “Kyou – Cannibal” (“Kyou” here means “feast”). Some have been joint efforts with famed British writer Colin Wilson.

      Sagawa has turned his crime into a mini industry. He sometimes appears on Japanese TV following some horrific incident to give his opinion as an expert. Ironically, he was spotted a few years back at an anti-Afghanistan war demo calling for the United States to “stop killing innocent people.”

      According to his Wiki page, he has had 13 of his own books published and three joint works, two with Wilson.

      Here’s the Amazon Japan list.

      He also seems to have appeared in a few films, including the soft porn flick お天気お姉さん (Otenki Oneesan), translated into English as “Weather Woman.”

      Hope that helps.

  12. J says:

    Hi, is there gonna be a Chapter 3 (p. 56) ? 😦

  13. Jane says:

    Thank you!!!
    I have searched to long for this…. Can you PLEASE upload more??

    • Eyeless in Ginza says:

      Thank you Jane. The potent mix of laziness and business has kept me away. I must make more effort.

  14. ernie says:

    is there any way i can get this book?

  15. A layer dim says:

    Just found out about In the Fog while reading Cannibals by Jimmy Lee Shreeve. Shreeve quotes from the book in English, but doesn’t mention any specific translation in the bibliography. It could be his own or one he had made privately. Anyway, many thanks for translating it, and hope you overcome your laziness and business soon!

  16. angel dust says:

    Yours is the only english translation i can find on the internet. Is there even a chance you are going to translate the whole book? If I knew you would stop in between i wouldn’t have started reading it. Now i want to know what happens next. Please consider getting back on it. i will remain ever grateful for your efforts and i’m sure i’m not alone when i say this.

    • clivevfrance says:

      Apologies to everyone. I ran into a difficult section, then got sidetracked moving house (twice) and am now concentrating on my next adventure, which starts in March 2015. I promise to get back onto this during this week. However, no promises I will finish anytime soon. It’s entirely up to how I feel.

  17. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the translation! Looking forward to reading the rest of it.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH ! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU’VE MADE MY DAY. PLEASE DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU’RE DONE. ALOT OF US CAN’T WAIT. thank you again for your beautiful translation. dont stop ! 🙂

  19. adnan says:

    Are you ever going to finish the translation? I find his story very disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

  20. Adnan says:

    Hot digity! I thought you abandoned the project. I can’t wait to read more!

  21. You actually stated that wonderfully!|

  22. thank you very much! thank you for sharing your knowledge and time. thank youuuuuuuu!

  23. Azrael says:

    i wish you would continue translating a bit faster :/ i am fastinated about issei and it seems he really has some writing skills . it took you 10 years to translate 70 pages cmoon 😀 you can do better my friend still thanks though

  24. Mason says:

    Thanks so much! I need to read this

  25. Hannah Long says:

    thank you for translation been wanting to read for so long excited for future chapters

  26. Hiso says:

    In the last few days/weeks I imformated me a lot about issei and his life, and his inspiration for doing these gross things.
    I would love to see one of his interviews in the japanese TV and more things about him so if anyone could help me out I would be appreciating that a lot.

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